July 28, 2008


Mac Roundtable 2008.07.28 Episode #45

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Episode 45 was hosted by:

Adam Christianson: The MacCast
Katie Floyd: The MacCore
Don McAllister: ScreenCastsOnline
Victor Cajiao: The Typical Mac User Podcast
John Chambers: One Minute Tip
Steve Stanger: The Mac Attack

A pretty packed show today with a larger than normal crew!

Discussions around MacWorld now and then.
Apple Retail Stores including the newly opened Apple store in Liverpool UK
AppleCare Woes
Mac User Groups
How we train friends and relatives
AT&T Woes

and much, much more!

Links for some of the picks to follow shortly!


July 16, 2008


Mac Roundtable 2008.07.15 Episode #44

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Episode 44 was hosted by:

Jonathan Cost: Mac Tips Daily
Adam Christianson The MacCast
Katie Floyd: The MacCore
Chuck Joiner: The MacJury

As you can imagine, this week’s show was all about the iPhone 3G, 2.0 FIrmware, and the rollout of MobileMe. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly in this episode. Katie picked up a 3G iPhone on launch day and talks about her mixed experiences with the device. Chuck also shares his AT&T horror story which actually prevented him from buying a new iPhone and Adam and Jonathan share their reasons for not wanting to upgrade just yet.

The gang also talks the less than stellar MobileMe rollout. As of the recording of this podcast there were still problems reported with people trying to log in and not all services are operational as advertised. Adam shares his experiences with the MobileMe push services and a problem he discovered if he tried to sync Exchange data at the same time. Some MobileMe services are still missing in action, including the iDisk email file sharing feature. 

Everyone seems to love the new iPhone 2.0 Firmware update and some of the new offerings available from the AppStore.Instead or our regular “Mac Picks” we decided to each share our favorite new “iPhone Pick.”

Adam- Midomi and Shazam – Tagging and identification of songs.
Jonathan – Jott – Turns voice memo into notes
Katie – OmniFocus – GTD task management that syncs with the Mac App
Chuck – Pandora – Personalized streaming radio service