August 27, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.08.27 Episode #68

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This show’s panel members include:

John F. Braun The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab (Twitter)
Bart Busschots Bart’s Blog (Twitter)
Tim Verporten The Mac Reviewcast (Twitter)
Chuck Joiner The MacVoices Group (Twitter)

The episode starts with a revisiting of trackballs and why they are a good thing, morphs into a discussion of who uses automation as part of their productivity environments and why (or why not), where to go to get scripts, and why you need to be alert when you do. An unexpected turn into Unix and the Terminal occurs before the stage is cleared for the big topic: Snow Leopard. The panel discusses their upgrade strategies, concerns and developer responsiveness and responsibility for having their software compatible with Apple’s new big cat. The show wraps up with the ever-popular product picks, and a little squabbling over who gets to choose one particular application.

Kensington Expert Mouse

Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball

Logitech Trackman Marble


SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket Software

Twin by App4Mac

The Ultimate Beginner?s Guide To AppleScript

Doug’s Scripts

Hazel by noodlesoft


Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List (if it is back up)

Menu Meters by Raging Menace Software

Information about Photoshop CS3 on Snow Leopard on John Nack on Adobe


Choosy by George Brocklehurst

TextExpander touch by SmileOnMyMac

Darwin Streaming Server

Blue Microphones Eyeball USB Webcam Microphone

Mikey by Blue Microphones

Icicle by Blue Microphones

Blue Snowball by Blue Microphones


August 3, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.08.03 Episode #67

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Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Podcast hosted at, Twitter @podfeet
Katie Floyd of  Mac Power Users Twitter: @maccore
Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline – Twitter @donmcallister
John F Braun of the Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab Podcast at, Twitter @johnfbraun

Is it worth Buying an Apple Display?

  • Allison is still using a 17″ Apple Studio flat panel and a 22″ Apple Cinema Display (8-9 yrs) and now a 24″ Cinema
  • Katie has an old Cinema Display (gray and white) that just won’t die. It’s nearly 10 years old. Thought it was the best monitor ever – till I saw the new LED screen on my MacBook Pro.
  • John uses Samsung
  • Don uses Dell Monitors (some are rebranded Samsung)

Why doesn’t Apple take ergonomics seriously on the ACD
Handling multiple monitors
AppleCare for Display – ($99)

Screensharing-ish Things
Microsoft RDC
Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2

Team Viewer from
iChat Screen Sharing
Can do remote with MobileMe “Back to My Mac”
Cisco Webex

HP vs. Canon vs. Epson
All-in-ones? Laser Printers?
Katie uses Canon – MP530 – Printer, scanner, fax – gripe – scanner doesn’t work via Airport
Don uses Canon – MP600 – Scanner is sooooo slooooow
Allison – HP all the way – HP4480
John – HP Deskjet 990Cse & GCC Elite 12/1200 Laser!

Input Devices
Kensington Expert Mouse
Kensington Orbit® Optical Trackball
Katie likes the Logitec Mice – Have an MX Laser (older model) now looking at Revolution –,EN Works great without any drivers.
Don uses MX Revolution and Nano VX Revolution
Al likes MacAlly and even a crappy little HP mouse!

Allison – The BT-1 Bluetooth camera from $149
John – Snapz Pro and Hector Cam
Katie – MacSpeech Dictate 1.5
Don – Matrox CompressHD –

Please make comments on iTunes – in the US store the 2nd to most recent comment says “no longer available for free.  This is a great podcast but the guy that does it no longer offers it for free.” Even if you don’t put a FAVORABLE review up there (of course that would be our preference) we’d sure like factual reviews to come up under most recent!