March 11, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.03.11 Episode #80

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Bart Busschots –,, @bbusschots
Tim Verpoorten and : @surfbits
John F. Braun – The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab, Monday’s Mac Gadget, @johnfbraun
Steve Stanger –, @tmasteve
Katie Floyd –,, @katiefloyd

Geotagging – be careful!

  • Not all services to share photos strip out GPS data from the meta data (EXIF Data) in the photos you post (edit EXIF data with the free app Reveal)
  • Many cameras now have GPS in them, including the iPhone, so many images have GPS data when they’re taken
  • iPhone and iPod Touch apps should ask for permission any time they try to use your location
  • Many Eye-Fi cards do this with WiFi, compatible with other schemes
  • Note that location services are required for Find My iPhone/iPod Touch

The iPad

  • Apple badly misses it’s target of “world-wide availability” in 60 days
  • US get it a few days late
  • UK & a few other large countries get it about a month late
  • No release date at all for other countries like Ireland

What version of the iPad are people getting?

App Store

  • Through some very clever trickery the EFF have legally, publically, released the iPhone dev agreement
  • Selective rejection and removal of apps
  • Why is Apple handling this so badly?

Bart – 3D Sun – NASA iPhone
Katie – TextExpander 3
John – New 4GB RAM chip (OWC) and new Hitachi 500GB HD with case (OWC)
Tim – Fujitsu S1300 Scanner
Steve – HDRtist