May 31, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.05.30 Episode #83

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Katie Floyd
Mac Power Users
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Allison Sheridan
NosillaCast Mac Podcast
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Don McAllister
All About the iPad Blog
Personal Blog
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Bart Busschots
International Mac Podcast
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WWDC isn’t having the annual  design awards for OSX developers (only doing it for iPhone and iPad  Apps) so ArsTechnica is doing the Ars Design Awards.  To see the top  nominees for the categories of Best New App, Best User Experience, Most  Innovative App, Best K-12  Education App, and Best Student-created App,  and to vote on the  Reader’s Choice Award go to:

Recording Apps


International iPad launch

Home Theaters

With the AppleTV rumors buzzing about, we talk about our home theater setup, our  experiences with  AppleTVs, Mac Minis, Boxee, ATV Flash, and others.



May 18, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.05.18 Episode #82

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John F. Braun
The Mac Observer?s Mac Geek Gab (
Monday?s Mac Gadget (
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Victor Cajiao
Typical Mac User (http://www.Typicalmacuser.Com)
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Adam Christianson
Maccast (
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David Sparks
Mac Sparky (
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Are Solid State Drives worth the upgrade?
Victor got an 8GB RAM upgrade and an OWC 200GB SSD drive for his Macbook Pro 13″ and worked up some upgrade benchmarks. John has also been comparing the SSD options vs. moving from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM drives. In this episode we dive deep into the pros and cons of each solution. We test the theory that upgrading your RAM is the most cost effective way to get more performance from your Mac. Does going over 4GB still give you the same bang for your buck? Is an SSD worth the investment or can you max your Mac with other options? Listen in to find out.

Victor’s post on upgrading to 8GB of RAM
Snow Leopard Performance (Mac Performance guide)
MCE OptiBay
OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD
200GB SATA 3.0G/s Solid State Drive

Crucial 8GB 204-PIN PC3-8500 SODIMM DDR3 (4GBx2)
HITACHI Travelstar 7K500 HD20500

Software/Hardware Picks
Victor: Apple iPad Camera connector kit – $29.00 (if you can find one 🙂
Adam: Audioengine W1
John: 3rd Generation Wi-Fire
David: iTeleport (Jaadu VNC)
Jump Desktop