December 30, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.12.29 Episode #95

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This week’s show was hosted by:

Steve Stanger – The Mac Attack
Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User Podcast
Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast &
John F. Braun – Mac Geek Gab
Joseph Nilo –
David Sparks –

Apple Resources

Resources for those that got new Apple goodies this holiday season. sites, books, etc.

iPad Guide: 25+ Essential Resources for Your Apple Tablet:

Mac OS X The Missing Manual Series by David Pogue:

Mac At Work by our very own David Sparks:

Dr. Bob Levitus’ books – he writes iPad for Dummies, iPhone for Dummies, Snow Leopard for Dummies:

New & Upgraded Macs in the MRT House

Joseph Nilo talks 12 Core MacPro and LED display. How is this beast, who needs one etc.

John F Braun:

MacBook Pro Repaired! Replaced logic board (claimed GPU issue, I’ve heard of this before with some Nvidia chipsets) upper case (which includes trackpad which was reporting errors in console) and keyboard.

While MacBook was being repaired, took drive out and decided, rather than wrestle with PowerMac G5 and data migration, get a Mac mini instead!
– Migration Assistant
– 2GB of RAM is not enough!
– Getting old Time Machine Backup working with new machine
10.5: Repair Time Machine after logic board changes
– Requires use of “fsaclctl” command, which isn’t included with Snow Leopard!
– Pacifist, extract it from Leopard DVD

Allison Sheridan – MacBook Pro added 60GB SSD from OWC in optical drive bay

David Sparks – MacBook Air 13″

Tagging Photos and more

How about the benefits of tagging photos, music, files etc on our Macs as well as other places on the net like Flickr etc? Do we do it? should we do it?

Tags from Gravity Apps

Picks of the Week

Allison – Twelve South Compass Portable Stand for iPad $39.95

Victor: Good Sync $29.99

Steve – Ergonomic Snow Shovel & Flickpad for the iPad –

John – Calcium Chloride for melting snow.  Gets melting point down below other chemicals, and doesn’t damage concrete/pavement like some other chemicals. Melting Snow and Ice with Salts:

But seriously, this is the external case I got

EZQuest Pro Audio/Video Enclosure
FireWire 800, and High-Speed USB 2.0
with EZQuest IDE/ATA to SATA Adapter

Glenlivet single-malt scotch for when the power goes out. And Colorista 2 from
and FxFactory Pro from

Hazel –
Brookstone Helicopter —


December 12, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.12.12 Episode #94

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This week’s show is hosted by:
Don McAllister
Katie Floyd

Reading on iPad

? Katie’s family’s kookie book policy
? Which eReader application do we like? Kindle because it has books
? We’re all reading more than ever before because of the iPad?

Complaint about Screen Rotation Lock

While it’s futile to complain, the Screen Rotation Lock is now FIVE operations instead of one – push, push, swipe, touch, touch. What a waste of time! And mute doesn’t even mute everything for crying out loud!
But Steve has spoken

Do we really care about printing?

Then there’s a question, do we really care about printing from the iPad or is it truly necessary? 
I’m more intersted in why the feature was promised and then so royally not delivered? What went so wrong and how did they not see that coming? 
I’ve noted that, on my iPod Touch with the latest iOS, my HP B8550, which can be seen by HP’s iPrint Photo software, can’t be seen by iOS.  WTF?  Network printing isn’t that new an invention, and I though what they were doing was somehow based on HP’s technology, here’s a list of the supported printers:
Then of course there’s Printopia, what are they doing that Apple isn’t? Print to PDF and Print to Dropbox FTW!

Do iPhone/iPod Touch Users care about iOS 4.2?

What difference does 4.2 makes to iPhone/Touch users?  I know it’s huge for folders and multi-tasking on iPad but since we had that on iPhone, is there more?  (other than security updates)
Air Print was suposed to be the biggie-but not so much
Lots of security updates – etc.
See above, it hasn’t really changed the way I use my iPod touch, and HP’s software does the printing I’d like to do.  Being able to print other documents would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
What about AirPlay – if you have an Apple TV can make a big difference. Don’t get me started on the Apple TV 2nd gen not working on my UK TV though… OK, if you must!

Picks – what we want and don’t have

? JamBox by JawBone –
? Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 –
? SSD for older MacBook Pro in the Optical Bay: OWC Data Doubler + 60GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD – $200
? External optical enclosure – $25:
? ScreenCastsOnline Members Show on SSD installation –
? Light box for photographing stuff – $140 comes with light box + 2 lights + case + table top tripod:
? Livescribe Smartpen: (Consider SoundNote for iPad:
? MacBook Air (cheating) ?