May 24, 2013


Mac Roundtable – Remembering Tim Verpoorten

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Adam Christianson got together with Joseph Nilo and Steve Stanger to remember Tim Verpoorten, fellow founding member of the Mac Roundtable.


May 19, 2013


Tim Verpoorten

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Tim Verpoorten passed away today. He was one of the first Mac podcasters and one of the founding fathers of the Mac Roundtable. More importantly he was our friend, and he loved the community he built with all of you. We wanted to give you a little bit of Tim through a short slideshow of photos of him at Macworld in 2010 and 2011. Please feel free to share your experiences with Tim in the comments.

May 15, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.05.15 Episode #215

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Chuck JoinerMacVoices, Twitter

Don McAllister – ScreenCastsOnlineTwitter

Steve, Twitter


Why is so much tech advertising stupid? 

Apple is quiet, very quiet. Do they need to come out with something that’ll “blow our socks off”?

Is this a temporary lull or will Apple have these long gaps between product launches moving forward. What are we expecting to be announced at WWDC.

What is the best leadership style, and who’s got it, for Apple?



Chuck – Apple Pro Video Series – Final Cut Pro X – Second Edition from Ripple Training

Steve – AirParrot 

Don – Up wristband and App – The new version

Dave – Synology Diskstation DS 412+