October 27, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.10.27 Episode #221

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This week’s show was hosted by:
Chuck Joiner – MacVoices and @ChuckJoiner on Twitter
Katie Floyd – KatieFloyd.me and @KatieFloyd on Twitter
Bart Busschots – bartb.ie and Let’s Talk Apple at lets-talk.ie and @bbusschots on Twitter
Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast Mac Podcast at podfeet.com and @podfeet on Twitter

In this week’s show we talked about the new iPads (who’s buying?) and what advice we’d give to people on size and storage and even cellular data plans. We discussed whether the iPad lineup is getting too fragmented with all these different options and why the iPad 2 even exists any more.

We shifted gears to talk about the new MacBook Pros and whether processor speed even matters any more. We talked about the new versions of iWork and iLife and Mavericks and whether we’d recommend rapid upgrades for muggles.

Allison – WaveJamr from radtech.us/products/wavejamr-bluetooth-music-receiver – turn your 30 pin speaker dock into a bluetooth device for $40
Katie – MILOFest milofest.com and MILO Google Group
Bart – Air Video HD – inmethod.com/airvideohd
Chuck – Burst mode on iPhone 5 and what you can do with it


October 17, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.10.17 Episode #220

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Hosts this week:

Chuck Joiner: MacVoices Chuck Joiner on Twitter
Steve Stanger: stevestanger.com, Steve on Twitter
John F. Braun – Mac Geek Gab John on Twitter
Allison M. Sheridan – NosillaCast Mac Podcast Allison on Twitter

Topics include:

  • What will we buy on October 22nd?
  • Our thoughts (not all good) on iOS 7 after a few weeks of usage
  • How some applications (like Evernote and iTunes) get “improvements” and the work we do to put them functional again

Chuck – ReadQuick from http://readquickapp.com/
Allison – Saidoka iPhone dock from RadTech http://www.radtech.us
Steve – Reeder (rss) for iOS from http://reederapp.com/ios/
John – FruitJuice http://fruitjuiceapp.com/