May 14, 2015


Mac Roundtable 2015-05-14 #226

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Chuck Joiner – MacVoices, ChuckJoiner
Victor Cajiao – on Twitter @victorcajiao
John F. Braun @macgeekgab @johnfbraun
Allison Sheridan Р NosillaCast at @podfeet
Steve Stanger Р @tmasteve


Apple Watch – who has one, who hasn’t and why
– expectations
– what it is
– what it will be

Everyone is invited to two cool events on June 20th in Chicago:

Midwest Mac BBQ
Macstock Conference and Expo

OS X 10.3 and Photos

Features, does it work for you? Varied opinions included:
– Personally, for my workflow, I’m OK with it. I really used Aperture more for organization than heavy-duty editing, do most of my editing beforehand (barting) so what pics I do have leftover I feel don’t often need much if any editing
– Maintains integration with services I like to share with, primarily Flickr (I noticed that I had to add Flickr to my Internet Accounts, which isn’t a bad thing, but I think this data was stored in Aperture before) and the sharing now looks to be OS-level rather than part of App, which is nice.
– The whole migration this is both clever (using hard links so not to take up space) but can be a train wreck if you don’t have your existing library in the default Pictures folder. Also, per Allison and others, most backup apps will see this as new data and do full backup.
– Really digging having all my photos everywhere
– Got me to buy a 12″ Macbook
– I’m a Light Room user and love it. I see what Apple has done with Photos and overall think it’s a good move. It’s going to more than satisfy 99% of people who use Macs. For those who want laternatives the Photoshop\Lighroom subscription at Adobe for $10 a month is hard to beat. (yep)
– What about those who don’t want to store all their photos in iCloud? Other options? Me, I really like Flickr(yep)