October 21, 2015


Mac Roundtable 2015-10-21 #230 Big or Small?

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Chuck Joiner – MacVoices http://macvoices.com @chuckjoiner
Bart Busschots – Let’s Talk Podcasts http://lets-talk.ie @bbusschots 
Don McAllister – ScreenCasts Online http://screencastsonline.com http://twitter.com/donmcallister

Big or Small? How do we make the decisions?


Chuck: Party Snapper – Boinx Software  http://boinx.com/partysnapper
Bart: Atom programmers text editor: http://atom.io
Don: Final Cut Library Manager –  http://www.arcticwhiteness.com/finalcutlibrarymanager/
Allison – Taming the Terminal http://bartb.ie/ttt