December 27, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.12.27 Episode #76

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This week’s episode of the Mac Roundtable is hosted by:

Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast at @podfeet
Katie Floyd – Mac Power Users at @katiefloyd
Bart Busschots – @bbusschots

Tech gadgets we must pack for vacation:

  • Chargers – phone, camera, video camera, iPod
  • Battery pack for iPhone
  • HyperMac (or similar) chargers?
  • Cables – Ethernet (Bart also carries ethernet crossover cable), iPod/iPhone, USB, Firewire
  • Spare Flash Drive
  • Movie Drive (small USB drive with Drive-In encoded movies ( sadly shut down by the DVD Copy Control Association
  • Noise canceling headphones for the plane
  • Surge protector for dodgy power (in Mexico)
  • Plug converters for European travel (and American travel for Bart)
  • How much memory do you carry?  SD cards in camera vs. video camera?

Related: What is your current travel bag and why do you like it?

What tools or skills do we want to learn/improve next year?

  • Bart – I want to learn more about iMovie
  • Katie – Blogging (WordPress, Mars Edit, etc.) WordPress theme Allison recommended to Katie is Atahualpa from (named after the last Incan sovereign emperor)
  • Al – more about screencasting and video in general – still baffled by encoding options.

Tech Related gifts bought or received:

  • Al – LowePro MicroTrekker 100 & Logitech MX Revolution due to peer pressure from the Mac Roundtable – now how do I talk to it without the Logitech drivers?
  • Bart – iPhoto Calendar – it’s the most tech-related thing I’ve given this year. I decided on the topic at the very start of the year – “Butterflies of Ireland” – and spent the whole year diligently gathering the shots to assemble into the calendar. Even put in all the Latin names!
  • Katie – iHome iP9 Clock Radio for iPhone

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  1. For Alison,

    Alison, some things about the Logitech MX. I have not loaded the drives, but some of the buttons you refer to did the following for me.

    Wheel button near thumb, pull it back to use dashboard. Pushing the wheel in allows Expose to work. As for the button behind the middle wheel on the top, mine, when pressed open sup a new Finder window. Also, if you push the middle wheel down hard, to release the ratchet, it allows the wheel to free wheel and makes scrolling long lists very fast.

    Just a few….without loading the drivers


    Comment by Mike — January 2, 2010 @ 4:12 am

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