September 4, 2012


Mac Roundtable 2012.09.04 Episode #115

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Apple v Samsung

Al – I know it’s been talked to death but I haven’t gotten to talk about it yet so I’d love to…
Maybe we could talk the FUD angle? What was REALLY in the case and what wasn’t?

Definitive list of the patents

The REAL source of the problem is neither Apple nor Samsung, both have feduciary duties to their shareholders. The real problem is the US Patent System:
1) patents are given too easily
2) patents are given for ideas
3) patents last too long for the fast-moving tech industry

Software idea patents are utterly un-necessary and they really stifle innovation. Trade dress and copyright law already prevent copying of code and of look and feel. If software idea patents had been around all along we’d not have Keynote because Micrsoft would own the idea of a presentation app! Europe does not allow software idea patents BTW.

Mini iPad Rumours

Looks fairly certain now… where do we see it fitting in?
Does a new Kindle Fire matter?
Many people want this form factor – some people have pockets?
Physical Books – not what they’re cracked up to be (personal opinion/experience)

Java Exploit

Bart was irritated that it was broadcast as a Mac problem (even CNET)
Java Zero-Day vulnerability surfaces – via US CERT
Links on podfeet on how to disable Java in your browsers:



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