September 12, 2012


Mac Roundtable 2012.09.12 Episode #116

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Katie Floyd: Mac Power Users @katiefloyd
Chuck Joiner: The MacVoices Group at @chuckjoiner
Allison Sheridan: NosillaCast at @podfeet

Hardware Engineering

  • Glass and Aluminum < --oddly excited about the anodized aluminum back
  • Thinner and Lighter
  • 4′ Display
  • 16×9
  • one more row of Apps
  • Tech Specs

  • 802.11n (5 GHz) Dual Channel!
  • A6
  • 2x CPU
  • 2x Graphics
  • 22% Smaller
  • Camera- Even better

  • Panorama – goodbye apps
  • 28MB photo
  • Audio

  • 3 Micorphones for Better Audio Quality
  • Noise cancelling ear piece
  • Wide Band Audio – natural sounding voice (requires carrier support – no US carriers mentioned in Keynote)
  • Lightning Connector

  • All Digital, Adaptive, More Durable (Reversable)
  • Adapters Available
  • Does not support Audio Pass Through
  • But Phil specifically mentioned Speakers and use in the Car and listening to Music?
  • JP Morgan says the iPhone 5 colid measurably move the needle on the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • iOS 6

  • Not much new here
  • Really looking forward to Siri
  • iTunes

  • Cleaner interface
  • new stores for iOS devices
  • iCloud Sync for location – what info are they taking about my movies?
  • Available October
  • iPod Nano

  • No Clip
  • Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi
  • Video is Back
  • No Apps (yet)
  • The Podcast Problem
  • iPod Touch

  • Larger Screen
  • A5 Chip
  • No 3G/LTE
  • Better Camera with LED Flash
  • iPod touch Loop – WTF?’
  • AirPlay
  • Siri
  • Colors< -- Is it just me or does this scream "Teeny Bopper"?
  • Older iPod Touch Still Available
  • “Engineered for Maximum Funness” – Are you trying to piss off the English Teachers?
  • HeadPhones:

  • Earpods – Seriously, what’s with these names
  • General Thoughts:

  • What’s up with Doubling Down on Secrecy
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Thought Price Points for iPod Touch was High
  • What does Price Point of iPod touch mean for iPad Mini?
  • iPod Classic Still around – still ignored
  • Play


    1. I really want to see that 4′ display on the iPhone 5.

      Comment by Steve Sheridan — September 13, 2012 @ 6:14 am

    2. Great late night show.

      I find all this connector angst amusing. 9 years with the old. Got your money’s worth with the cables. Buy new $10 cables and save the $30 adapters for the boom box docks. You are buying a $600 item, after all.

      BUT I suggest, in my old age of 63, you move into the 21st century and do Bluetooth. It has been years since I plugged in my iDevice in a car. An older car? Belkin makes a good little knob sized Bluetooth doodad that plugs into your aux in and cigarette lighter. It will handle phone calls as well as podcasts/music. Or use a Jambox which I do in other’s cars, when I wish to ‘share’ my tastes in podcasts…

      Comment by Ian Hendrie — September 13, 2012 @ 11:35 am

    3. I suspect the “does not support iPod out” means that the Lightning to dock connector adapter doesn’t support the *analog* audio output that used to be on the 30 pin connector. At some point (I believe it was with the iPhone 4) Apple changed things and removed analog audio I/O. This bit some companies; for example Blue Microphone had to release a new version of the Blue Mikey (their little mike that plugs into the dock connector and lets you record things) that works with digital audio). So if Katie’s head unit is fairly new, it should support digital audio, which means theoretically it will work with the Lightning to dock connector adapter.

      Comment by Donald Burr — September 13, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

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