February 10, 2014


Mac Roundtable 2014-02-10 Episode #222

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The panel for this edition includes:

John F. Braun – Mac Geek GabTwitter

Bart BusschotsLet’s Talk Podcasts, Twitter

Chuck JoinerMacVoices, Twitter, App.net


Thoughts on Mavericks

 – MemoryKeeper

 – Mail.app

 – Latest information on how to work around Mail problems

 – Airmail 

 – MailPlane

 – Eudora

 – Ditch Mavericks Mail: Other Email Apps You Can Try

About Wake on Demand and Boujour Sleep Proxy– Any other things you like or don’t like?

 Microsoft’s New CEO

 – Bill Gates as “Technology Advisor”

iOS 7

– Reported system crash/reboot issue


John – Flame (came up during aforementioned Boujour Sleep Proxy oddness) 

Bart – MeteoEarth – see live weather data and forcasted weather for up to 5 days animlated on a rotateable and zoomable globe. When you see the moving animated wind patters you get an understanding of what’s going on in the atmosphere that no regular weather map can give you – €4.99 for basic version, €5.49 for a year’s pro membership – needed to see the 5 day forecast and to be able to stack animatinos – i.e. see wind, cloud, and rainfall all at once

Chuck – MOS – Magnetic cable organization system





  1. I think Microsoft has not missed the video side like they did music as Xbox is moving to be a device that can rival set top boxes and smart home devices. I believe that Apple could be waiting to push a smart home control system out via Apple TV, Siri, and the motion sensors they recently purchased.

    Comment by Scott — February 18, 2014 @ 6:42 pm

  2. Thanks for the show, John Bart & Chuck. Nice to hear you guys together again. Always a fun listen.

    I’d live to see the Amazon Instant Video app on the AppleTV. I’ve been using Video Airplay from IPad3 to the Apple TV, it’s amazing when it works. But I think the technology stresses the WiFi signal too much. The video data has to move too many times across the WiFi network. (1st time = WiFi internet access, AirPort to iPad; 2nd time = iPad receives program from Amazon then sends back to AirPort; 3rd time = AirPort sends video to AppleTV.)

    Comment by George — February 20, 2014 @ 1:05 pm

  3. Good point, George. There are days I wish the current Apple TV had on-board storage, but the emphasis seems to be on keeping things other places, and having it land on the Apple TV as the final leg in its journey.

    Part of this may be driven by making the Apple TV flexible enough for today *and* tomorrow. Another part may be driven by the studios as to how they want people be able to access the content.

    Guess there is no perfect answer.

    Thanks for listening!


    Comment by Chuck — February 20, 2014 @ 2:51 pm

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