March 11, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.03.11 Episode #80

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Bart Busschots –,, @bbusschots
Tim Verpoorten and : @surfbits
John F. Braun – The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab, Monday’s Mac Gadget, @johnfbraun
Steve Stanger –, @tmasteve
Katie Floyd –,, @katiefloyd

Geotagging – be careful!

  • Not all services to share photos strip out GPS data from the meta data (EXIF Data) in the photos you post (edit EXIF data with the free app Reveal)
  • Many cameras now have GPS in them, including the iPhone, so many images have GPS data when they’re taken
  • iPhone and iPod Touch apps should ask for permission any time they try to use your location
  • Many Eye-Fi cards do this with WiFi, compatible with other schemes
  • Note that location services are required for Find My iPhone/iPod Touch

The iPad

  • Apple badly misses it’s target of “world-wide availability” in 60 days
  • US get it a few days late
  • UK & a few other large countries get it about a month late
  • No release date at all for other countries like Ireland

What version of the iPad are people getting?

App Store

  • Through some very clever trickery the EFF have legally, publically, released the iPhone dev agreement
  • Selective rejection and removal of apps
  • Why is Apple handling this so badly?

Bart – 3D Sun – NASA iPhone
Katie – TextExpander 3
John – New 4GB RAM chip (OWC) and new Hitachi 500GB HD with case (OWC)
Tim – Fujitsu S1300 Scanner
Steve – HDRtist



  1. Although Reveal allows editing of some metadata, it only seems to let you view location data. But, today I noticed a “Remove Metadata” in my Services contextual menu. When I went to File and then Services to find out who provided this feature, the icon for our old pal GraphicConverter showed up! So if you’re a GraphicConverter user (I’ve been for ages) this’ll do the trick.

    Comment by John F. Braun — March 14, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

  2. Hello Guys,
    I was listening to show #80 regarding the iPad and your musing on the methods of connection and Apple’s apparent intention not to allow tethering with the iPad. I live in HKG where tethering is allowed as part of my data plan with 3 Mobile. I can tell you it is surprisingly easy and works very well. My use of it is very occasional and is certainly only a back up option. Hence for sure I would be very surprised that the iPad could not do the same when released in HKG.

    However, I also travel a lot and spend 2-3 months of the year in the USA.
    I also have an iPhone and for the last 2 years have enjoyed the use of an AT&T “PayasyouGo” plan with a $29.99 unlimited monthly data plan. All until this last month when suddenly the plan has been stopped. I contacted AT&T who says Apple stopped it, I wonder why and also wonder if at all it is related to the release of the iPad. At least the timing is interesting.

    Enough said, I wrote to Steve Jobs (why not right?) and reprint that message below, though no reply yet!
    I thought this may be of interest to some of you considering the discussion in your last show. Your comments welcome.

    Date: 22 March 2010 5:58:11 PM EDT
    Subject: Using My iPhone when away from Home

    Hi Steve,

    I am a UK guy living in Hong Kong and on my second iPhone that I had purchased unlocked against my 3 plan in Hong Kong.

    I spend at least 3 months per year traveling in USA and have been very happy to be able to get full service from AT&T when in USA when using my Pay as you go account that I have had now for nearly 3 years. (note that I continue to pay my for 3 plan while traveling)

    I purchase air time and pay for a us$29.95 unlimited data package on top when I am here, all works well and even the service from AT&T has been very good.

    I arrived for my latest trip this month and as usual went to renew the data package and found that firstly the unlimited package is no longer available, however a 19.99 package was and so I purchased that.

    However this did not work and on checking with AT&T I was told that Apple have changed the rules for iPhones and do not allow them to use these data packages any longer, all other phones are ok, just iPhones cannot.

    I still have some doubt as I cannot imagine Apple would stop me from using my full price iPhone (US$500+), especially as you are otherwise now opening even more flexibility for the coming iPad, i.e. the new “month by month” data packages.

    Thanks to advise me how I can use my iPhone when traveling in USA and why the policy of allowing use against a “pay as you go” account would have been stopped for the iPhone ONLY.


    Comment by Andy — March 28, 2010 @ 7:14 am

  3. Hi. Great show. I live in Australia and would like to share my views on tethering the iPhone to the iPad. All providers in Australia provide tethering and it is very easy. I use teherig a lot with my work (Windows) PC when travelling and it works pretty well.

    I think it is annoying that while Apple markets it’s products internationally based on it’s deals with partners in the US. No tethering where I see this from is not a technical decision but more a money making one with forcing users to fall in line with what they think we should do.

    We don’t have many free wifi hotspots here as you may in the States so it becomes more important to have 3G and to have a plan on the iPhone and then on iPad as well seems more of a rip off.

    Comment by Himanshu — April 7, 2010 @ 3:18 am

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