June 27, 2010


Mac Roundtable 2010.06.27 Episode #85

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Allison Sheridan:
Nosillacast Podcast http://podfeet.com
Twitter: @podfeet
Katie Floyd:
Mac Power Users http://www.macpowerusers.com
Twitter: @katiefloyd
Adam Christianson:
Maccast http://www.maccast.com
Twitter: @maccast
Bart Busschots:
International Mac Podcast http://www.impodcast.tv http://www.bartb.ie
Twitter: @bbusschots
David Sparks:
Mac Power Users http://www.macpowerusers.com http://www.macsparky.com
Twitter: @macsparky

iOS 4

  • Folders are pretty cool and definitely useful
  • Camera speed is INSANELY fast not! BOL folks thought it was iPhone 4 that had the faster phone, but it’s iOS4 that causes the speed, worth the upgrade just for this
  • Unified inbox
Bad or So So:
  • Allison – “multi-tasking” not as cool as I thought – I keep finding 20 apps waiting, stresses me out!
  • Limited fucntionality on 3G – no multitasking, background apps or wallpaper (what’s up with the Wallpaper?)
  • Finding it very slow on my iPhone 3G, and battery life has been poor
  • 65 security updates in iOS4, but what about iPad and older devices?
  • Exchange calendar color issue

iPhone 4

How fun was it to BUY your iPhone 4?
Bad or So So:
  • Battery life – unimpressive! – I’ve found battery life to be great.
  • Poor reception – dropped calls and 1-2 bars in areas I use to have 4-5 bars and no problem
  • No GSM buzz noise when connected to non-shielded speakers
  • First iPhone to work with my car audio system w/ iPod dock (Charging not supported – but should be corrected with the PASSport) http://www.scosche.com/products/productID/1667
  • Works well with original iPhone dock
  • Problems with using a case – won’t fit in the dock!
iPhone Death Grip Problem
  • very real. I can watch my iPhone go from 5 to 1 bar.
  • Who all is having problems?
  • Software vs. Hardware or both?
  • Problem persists with MicroCell but seems worse in areas with flakey AT&T coverage (like all of my town.)
  • 4.0.1 Coming soon (Monday)

Picks of the Week

Katie – Jiggler – http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/20791
Allison – Disk Warrior http://www.alsoft.com/diskwarrior/
Bart – TechTool Delux – free with Apple Care on a Mac
David – OmniFocus iPhone
Adam – SonicPics, http://www.sonicpics.com/


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