March 22, 2008


Mac Roundtable 2008.03.24 Episode #36

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Episode 36 of the MacRoundtable (Bag O’Meat Episode), was a lively discussion for a Thursday night, even with Don doing it at 1 in the morning from England. We talked about the Aiport Express now having support for 802.11n, how we use them and why you might (or might not) find it useful. We had real time updates during the show about whether or not the Airport Extreme firmware update 7.3.1 would actually allow you to backup using Time Machine to a USB-attached drive (it does!) and how people are getting along with Time Capsule.

One of the most interesting topics was whether we each though AppleCare was worth the money and even some tips on how to get it less expensively than just through Apple (hint: look for deals on Amazon). During that discussion Victor explained the kid glove treatment he got on his MacPro hardware problem. We also talked about where to find deals on Macs and whether refurbished Macs are a good way to go. Victor explains the important difference too between “refurbed” and “refreshed”. Allison went on a rant about how Apple pushed a “software update” on Windows, which was for Safari, which she DIDN’T even have installed! See the screenshot here. If you enjoy outtakes, you’ll learn all about “bag o’ meat night” too!

This week’s hosts include:

Don McAllister: ScreenCasts Online
Katie Floyd: The MacCore
Victor Cajiao: The Typical Mac User Podcast
Tim Verpoorten: The Mac Reviewcast
Allison Sheridan: The NosillaCast Podcast



  1. I am a big fan of all of your podcasts. Just received the feed now. However, please check it again because I think its the same as last week! Thanks and hope this catches you sooner than later! Happy Easter.

    Comment by Leonard — March 22, 2008 @ 6:11 pm

  2. The feed points to instead of

    Comment by Leonard — March 22, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

  3. Thanks folks for pointing that out – it should be fixed now! they don’t call this MRT Take 2 for nothing!

    Comment by take2 — March 22, 2008 @ 7:51 pm

  4. iPHone apps desired:
    “check off” type shopping list. (there is a good one out already for “jailbroken’ iPhones.

    wireless syncing!!!! for contacts and iCal.


    Comment by Bill Martin — March 23, 2008 @ 3:06 pm

  5. in re: ?bag o’ meat night”
    You go Allison! I always get the Foster Farm chicken bags (Costco)!!! Very popular product, someone is always grabbing those things.

    Your ?bag o’meat night” merits a video production like your Waxing one don’t cha think?

    Comment by Another "bag-O-meat" gal — March 24, 2008 @ 1:10 pm

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