December 21, 2011


Mac Roundtable 2011.12.20 Episode #108

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Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast Mac Podcast @podfeet
Chuck Joiner – The MacVoices Group @chuckjoiner
Steve Stanger – @tmasteve iSee, iShoot, iPhone & The Mac Attack podcasts
John F Braun – @johnfbraun @macgeekgab
Jeff Gamet – @jgamet

Tablets Everywhere!

Macworld | iWorld Plans
* iFan Pass is SO inexpensive giving access to the Tech Talks that used to be hundreds of dollars to attend, now only $100:
* Exhibit hall only is $30 – anyone heard of free passes yet? Traditionally there have been some
* What do you look forward to the most?
* presentations?
* exhibit hall?
* hanging out with other Mac geeks?
* Cirque De Mac? Friday 8pm Holywood Studios
* NosillaCastaways Party? 6-8pm on Friday @Jillians – register at listen to the show to hear the password!
* San Francisco itself?
* Who’s doing presenations, what about, and when? (check the schedule as it changes:

  • Allison – Blindfolded! 11am Th 1/26
  • Chuck – Parenting in the Mobile Internet Age 1 PM 1/26; Mac, iPad and iPhone Essentials: The Stuff You Gotta Have 1 PM 1/27
  • Jeff – iCloud’s Little Helpers 2pm 1/27
  • Dave – Backing Up Your Mac, 11am, 1/26; Macworld RapidFire 5pm, 1/26, 5 minutes on using custom search to find pesky preferences.
  • Katie & David – Podcast: Mac Power User Workflows 11am Friday 1/27
  • David – 40 OS X Tips in 40 Minutes 10am Th 1/26
  • Don – Hidden Secrets of Quicktime – 1pm Thursday 1/26
  • Mac Roundtable Crew 10am Friday 1/27
  • John & Dave – Meet the Podcasters, Smile booth, Thu 1/26 3PM
  • John & Dave – Mac Geek Gab Live Fri 1/27 2PM
  • Final Cut Pro Super Users event

Holiday Tech Gifts


  • Magic Trackpad (not everyone has one yet!)
  • iTunes gift cards are even better now – buy iOS apps and Mac Apps! Like them because we can buy the silliest thing just because we have the credits

John – New toys I like


  • Buy yourself (or a loved one) more RAM! Still pretty inexpensive.
  • iTunes gift cards
  • A year of online back up (sexy, I know…)
    * Free options to get you started,,,
  • Steve Jobs, Official Biography
  • Cool laptop bag or iPad, iPhone case


  • Apple TV $100
  • Individual iTunes item gifts
  • A month or two of training from



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