September 5, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.09.05 Episode #69

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This show’s panel members include:

Allison Sheridan NosillaCast Podcast (Twitter)
Katie Floyd Mac Power Users & The MacCore (Twitter)
David Sparks MacSparky, Mac Power Users, (Twitter)
Victor Cajiao Typical Mac User, Typical Shutterbug (Twitter)

In this episode we worked through the processes we used to migrate to Snow Leopard, pitfalls to watch out for, things to do to make sure you DON’T hit pitfalls. Then we walked through our impressions and enjoyment of Snow Leopard, and the very few problems we’ve found. We did touch on what 64 bit means to normal users.

In our discussion of how cool Services is (are?) we referenced the following resources to learn how to automate processes with Services

Pixelcorps & Mac Automation

Picks of the week:
Allison Twitter search utility Incoming!
Katie: zBoost YX500 cell extender for your house
Victor: Bamboo Fun but more the benefits in software that come with it. Wacom Privileges web site found at
David: AppleScript book Applescript 123, Sal Sohoigan


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