September 14, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.09.13 Episode #70

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Mac Roundtable #70 is hosted by:
? Katie Floyd of Mac Power Users at
? John F Braun of Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab and Monday’s Mac Gadget
? Bart Busschots & (
? Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Podcast at,

In this episode we talk about how happy we were to see Steve Jobs back, our impressions of the sales numbers, and then we dig into the new features iTunes 9 and the new, or not so new features of the iPods.  Then we talk through the improvements of iPhone 3.1 and we close up with our picks:

Allison:  Fiwi for $0.99 from
John : XPAL Power XP2000
Katie: Cocktail 4.5 – now for Snow Leopard
Bart: iHandy Level Free –


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  1. Thank you for trouble and effort to put on this podcast, I have learned alot.

    Although I have been really happy with the iPhone 3G S, I cannot say the same for the earbuds that comes with it. This coming weekend I will be picking up my THIRD replacements from my local Apple store.

    The first iPhone earbuds failed just two days after I started using my iPhone. Earbuds #2 failed after two months. The failures are the same, the clicker/mic/volume controller quit working. Period. I depends upon the earbuds to work, so that I can use the iPhone.

    However, I have found a really good replacement aftermarket earbuds, Scosche HP150M.

    Scosche HP150M makes your podcast sounds sharper, music comes through better, and phone calls are much more enjoyable, especially, considering that I am partially deaf.

    Interesting to note, I don’t seem to need as much volume with the Scosche HP150M as I did with the original Apple earbuds. Volume control is also less dramatic with the Scosche HP150M.

    I don’t know what up with the Apple earbuds, but I would recommend that iPhone users dropped them in a drawer, and pick up a pair of Scosche HP150Ms.

    Comment by Wayde Gutman — September 17, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

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