June 26, 2007


Mac Roundtable 2007.06.26 Episode #28

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This episode of the Mac Roundtable is produced with love by Joseph Nilo from the Mac MediaCast. Joining us this week is MRT regular Tim Verpoorten from the Mac Reviewcast, Don McAllister from Screencasts Online, and Brian Gary from Ripple Training.

Links from the show (in no particular order):
Visual Hub
Turbo H.264
Flip4Mac / Episode
Sorenson Squeeze
Encoding Videos for YouTube in Compressor
Text Expander
Mail Steward
Acton Plugin for Mail
Mail Template
Compressor 3 Quick Reference Guide
QuickTime Quick Reference Guide


June 13, 2007


Mac Roundtable 2007.06.13 Episode #27

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This episode of the MacRoundtable is produced by Steve Stanger from the The Mac Attack podcast. Tim (Mac Reviewcast), Joseph (Mac MediaCast), Steve, and special guest Victor from Typical Mac User discuss the announcements made at WWDC 2007

Links from the show:



Scoble thinks Mac’s fonts are blurry

Leopard features

WWDC 2007 Keynote

Today in iPhone

Leopard dock resembles Suns project Looking Glass


June 8, 2007


The next episode…

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Hi, this is Steve Stanger and I just wanted to let you know that the next Mac Roundtable will be out the week of June 11th, shortly after the announcements made at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. The gang will be back together again along with some guests to discuss what announcements were made at WWDC. Keep your eyes on macroundtable.com, iTunes, or your favorite RSS reader for the release of this Mac Roundtable episode. Talk to you soon.