January 30, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.1.30 Episode #57

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Episode #57 was hosted by:

Katie Floyd – The MacCore
David Sparks – Mac Sparky
Steve Stanger – The Mac Attack
Tim Verpoorten – Mac Reviewcast

Topics for this episode:

Are iLife and iWork worthwhile upgrades? Our experiences so far with the new software.

Trojan found on bittorrent downloads of iWork ’09.

Seagate drive issues.

iTunes Plus – Upgrading iTunes purchased songs to DRM-free, higher bitrate music. Are we going to do it?

The Mac turns 25 and we remember our first Macs.

Our favorite iPhone / iPod Touch time wasters:
(These links will take you to the iTunes App Store)

LED football
Vector Blaster
Tap Defense
Virtual Zippo


January 9, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.01.07 Episode #56

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The first LIVE edition of the Mac Roundtable Podcast was hosted by:

Allison Sheridan- Nosillacast
Adam Christianson – MacCast
John Chambers – One Minute Tip
Katie Floyd – The MacCore
Victor Cajiao – Typical Mac User
Chuck Joiner – Mac Voices
David Sparks – Mac Sparky
Don McAllister – Screen Casts Online
The Mac Roundtable crew records our first ever live show and were privileged to do so on the Macworld Learning Center at Macworld San Francisco in front of a live audience.  We talk about our thoughts and impressions on the Keynote, how important Apple is to Macworld, why we come to Macworld, our favorite picks from the show floor, discussion of Macworld 2010 and we take questions from the audience

Links Mentioned:
Where the Hell is Matt?
Allison Dancing Video
Apple Keynote
iLife ’09
iWork ’09
Apple User Groups
Lacie Flat Cables
Neat Receipts
Matias Tune Blocker
Pulse Smart Pen
Roxio Toast Titanium
Blue Eyeball
Podcast and New Media Expo