February 16, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.2.16 Episode #58

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Episode #58 was hosted by:
Katie Floyd – The MacCore Twitter
Bart Busschots: International Mac Podcast Twitter
Don McAllister: ScreenCastsOnline Twitter
Victor Cajiao – TypicalMacUser typicalshutterbug.com
Allison Sheridan NosillaCast at podfeet.com Twitter

iMac vs. Mac Pro
is the Mac Pro worth $1000US more than the iMac? and with the iMac you get a 24″ monitor too!

MobileMe replacements
iDisk – implemented large file sharing option just now apple.com/mobileme, can password protect and set expiration date
Dropbox for 2GB is free from getdropbox.com, back up REAL folders, not one blob like iDisk or 50GB for $99, must be careful in transferring packages in Dropbox
Google sync – can sync Google contacts and addresses to your iPhone – erases your data but it’s beta!
Foxmarks to sync bookmarks across Windows/Mac and Firefox/IE/Safari – foxmarks.com

Microsoft Stores – why?
Can they help build brand loyalty by working with customers?
Could they educate more? teach tools? one on one services?
Maybe they could show off hardware – like the Zune and XBox 360?
Macworld mocks the Microsoft Stores macworld.com
Sony mocked by the Onion theonion.com

IBM on Apple security
IBM did the story, and they have a horse in the race
the article talks about percentage of vulnerabilities fixed, not about the severity or how many.
Premise is true however, that Apple has a poor record of patching!

New toys
Katie – Dictate from Mac Speech
Victor – Cylon Detector battlestarextras.com
Bart – DOF master dofmaster.com
Don – NSConference in the UK (AKA Mac Dev Conference) nsconference.com
Don – TweetDeck new version tweetdeck.com
Allison – People who create scripts for me – Connor wrote script to turn off Time Servers to fix Skype dropouts, and Will wrote a script to set up Garageband automatically turning off stupid settings