May 22, 2009


Mac Roundtable 2009.05.22 Episode #63

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Katie Floyd: The MacCore & MacPowerUsers
Victor Cajiao: TypicalMacUser & TypicalShutterbug
Chuck Joiner: MacVoices
Steve Stanger: The Mac Attack

Some of the topics covered: Upgrade your current system or buy a new Mac. Should the release (sometime) of Snow Leopard keep you from buying a new Mac now? Apple’s relationship with Mac User Groups. Do you belong to a MUG? Mac user online communities – forums, FaceBook, Twitter, podcast, etc…

Our picks – Applications that we need need to spend more time with or need help with.

Katie – Automator
Steve – BoinxTV & Kinemac (yeah, I snuck two in)
Chuck – Final Cut Pro
Victor – Keynote