March 29, 2011


Mac Roundtable 2011.03.29 Episode #99

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This episode is hosted by:

Katie Floyd:,, @katiefloyd

Steve Stanger,, @tmasteve

Victor Cajiao @victorcajiao

Chuck Joiner @chuckjoiner

Mac OS X turns 10 years old!

  • Anything we still miss from the Pre-OSX days?
  • Where is OS X still lacking?
  • What features do you want to see added?

No iPhone, Macs at WWDC 2011 (rumor)

WWDC June 6th-10th

Apple?s 2011 World Wide Developers Conference has sold out after not even being open for more than 12 hours. The conference, which costs $1599 to attend

  • Sources claim no hardware announcements at WWDC.
  • No iOS5 announcement (another rumor of the release being moved to the fall).
  • I say good. Lets focus on the Mac and OSX!

Katie’s Recent AppleCare “Deal” Fiasco

  • Buying from a third party reseller on Amazon almost cost me.
  • Tips for buying AppleCare

Is there ever a perfect time to buy a Mac?

  • I want a MacPro but now waiting for Thurderbolt
  • I want a Macbook Air (heck Katie and David enabled me right into one,) but I’m waiting for Sandie Bridge
  • Apple I have money in the bank ready to give to you but your secrets keep me from doing anything at this point.


Katie: Evernote: Relying on it heavily to organize my house building project,

Steve: PictureShow iPhone camera app.

Victor : Thanks to Tim Verporten and his posterous page for this.  Sendoid lets you instantly transfer big files up to about a gig  to another person through a browser connections .

Chuck: TopXNotes



March 7, 2011


Mac Roundtable 2011.03.05 Episode #98

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Joseph Nilo – HiLo Media / @josephnilo
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You can also follow us at @macroundtable

iPad 2

Who is upgrading and why?


Smart Cover

  • the color they demo’d with was freakin’ butt ugly, BUT what an ingenious design!  I kept thinking, how does ANYONE keep up with these guys???

iOS 4.3

  • Mobile HotSpot!
  • Toggle switch, a “Feature”
  • Home sharing goodness
  • Not available on iPhone 3G or Verizon CDMA iPhone 4

iOS 5

  • Notification?

The “Post-PC” world

David’s post –

Applications for iOS:

Printopia from Ecamm – Lets any printer work with Airprint.



  • if you don’t buy an iPad 2, is there a way to get videos in from say your iPhone or a flip? Without syncing through a computer that is…
  • Maybe premature to know until we have an iPad 2 to test it. My guess is that if you have synced videos to your iPad via iTunes then you might be able to edit them if they are in a compatible format.

MacBook Pros

  • None of my enabling Mac Roundtable friends have been able to come up with a good reason for me to replace my 28 month old MacBook Pro – since I put the 60GB Mercury Extreme SSD in it – it’s so fast I never wait for it!  Please try to convince me?
    • update – OWC says I can take the data doubler and the SSD out of this one and pop it into the new model!

New MBP – ThunderBolt, quad core, 1GB VRAM
[Joseph’s new 15″ MBPro is en route from Shanghai]
Engadget Review:

And now for something completely different.

fseventer – Shows what files are being created/destroyed, great for diagnosing issues where your HD is churning and you don’t know why.

fs_usage – command from the terminal that shows similar information.

atmonitor – stumbled across this when diagnosing allison had with son’s macbook gpu performance.  one of the few utilities that shows gpu vram use and utilization.  like activity monitor, but will pull description of what app/process does from various sources.

David: Tom Bihn Ristretto for 13″ MBA – $120


Flick Tunes – iOS –

Epson R1900 –

Joseph: Canon EOS 60D DSLR:
John : KisMAC
Allison: Boom $5 from