August 25, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.08.25 Episode #218

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Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast Mac Podcast
Bart Busschots – – coming in September – Let’s Talk Photography & Let’s Talk Apple podcasts at
Steve Stanger –
John F Braun –
Chuck Joiner – Chuck Joiner –,


Cinematic new ad for the new Mac Pro –

Balmer calls it a day
– LOLed when the stock shot up on the news 🙂 < --Wonder if he had the last laugh tho - how much money did he MAKE by quitting because of stock valuation? - Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on TWiT Breaking news: said everything bad that happened but said we have to look at the good too...but didn't list anything good Secure computing
– Network Traffic – Wireshark
– Log Me In/Back to My Mac
– Encryption – Macs, Time Machine, Backups, External drives, Wifi
– Mail – see NosillaCast #412 ( where Bart explained how to enable S/MIME secure Mail and #432 ( where Bart explained PGP/GPG vs S/MIME

Bart – TotalTerminal (free)
Steve – Readkit($4.99/US)
John – GPGTools – (donationware)
Don’s ScreenCastsOnline free video on GPGTools:
THIS VIDEO (I forgot my phone)
Al – Mobi Eye-Fi Card ($50)
Chuck – Logitech UE Mobile Boombox ($90)


August 3, 2013


The Sale has Begun to Help Tim’s Wife

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Hey everyone, Allison here. Steve and I have made it 90% through the equipment Tim Verpoorten’s wife Alice sent to us (she spent $2800 shipping 22 boxes!) and we’re finally putting it up on Amazon for sale. We’ve set up an Amazon Storefront at:

One tricky bit – if you click on the image or link, it will take you to all sales of that type of item, so click on “used from” to get right to Tim’s item. We’ll be adding LOTS more items over the next few weeks so maybe make a reminder to check the link every few days?

We also have a few specialty items for sale on eBay:
Seiko SNK809 Wrist Watch for Men
NEW Lucien Piccard Men WHITE Rosegold OVERSIZE DIAL Emboss 28104BR WATCH
FirmTek SeriTek 5PM 5 Bay Hot Swap External SATA Port RAID Hard Drive Enclosure
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for PC, Mac

UPDATE: We cleared $2500 in sales so far, which means we’re still $300 short of breaking even on the Estate Sale costs of shipping to us. Working on posting more items – we just posted a bunch of bare drives, a cool auto-backup solution called Clickfree and there’s some awesome studio headphones in there too!

If you have enough equipment of your own but you’d like to help defray the costs she spent to ship everything to us – the Paypal button below will be dedicated to donations for Alice until we finish the sales.