June 11, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.06.10 Episode #216

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There’s nothing the Mac Roundtable crew likes more then an Apple Keynote. On this episode we talk about what was announced at the WWDC Keynote (in only the way the MRT crew can).

(Show note: Chuck did join us for a short time at the beginning of this episode but had to drop out due to poor hotel Internet)

Your hosts:
Steve Stanger: SteveStanger.com | twitter

John F. Braun: Mac Geek Gab | Twitter

Chuck Joiner: MacVoices | Twitter

Allison Sheridan: NosillaCast at Podfeet.com | Twitter

Jeff Gamet: The Mac Observer | Twitter


WWDC Keynote video

OSX preview

Macbook Air

Mac Pro

iOS 7 preview


May 24, 2013


Mac Roundtable – Remembering Tim Verpoorten

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Adam Christianson got together with Joseph Nilo and Steve Stanger to remember Tim Verpoorten, fellow founding member of the Mac Roundtable.


May 19, 2013


Tim Verpoorten

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Tim Verpoorten passed away today. He was one of the first Mac podcasters and one of the founding fathers of the Mac Roundtable. More importantly he was our friend, and he loved the community he built with all of you. We wanted to give you a little bit of Tim through a short slideshow of photos of him at Macworld in 2010 and 2011. Please feel free to share your experiences with Tim in the comments.

May 15, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.05.15 Episode #215

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Dave Hamilton – Mac Geek Gab PodcastTwitter, , App.net

Chuck JoinerMacVoices, Twitter App.net

Don McAllister – ScreenCastsOnlineTwitter App.net

Steve Stangerstevestanger.com, Twitter


Why is so much tech advertising stupid? 

Apple is quiet, very quiet. Do they need to come out with something that’ll “blow our socks off”?

Is this a temporary lull or will Apple have these long gaps between product launches moving forward. What are we expecting to be announced at WWDC.

What is the best leadership style, and who’s got it, for Apple?



Chuck – Apple Pro Video Series – Final Cut Pro X – Second Edition from Ripple Training

Steve – AirParrot 

Don – Up wristband and App – The new version

Dave – Synology Diskstation DS 412+ 


April 12, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.034.12 Episode #214

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Chuck JoinerMacVoices, Twitter, App.net

Allison SheridanNosillaCast Mac Podcast, @podfeet

Steve Stangerstevestanger.com, @tmasteve

Topics include:

What Is Adobe afraid of? At NAB Adobe was giving away free copies of Premiere Pro. (Just one observation (of many) – article)

Are you all buying the Facebook phone?

Will there ever be an end to the Apple is dying stories?

Ambrosia Software layoffs

Apple streaming music service closer to reality – Do we really need or want another music streaming service?


Allison: Viscosity and OpenVPN Connect from the iTunes App Store for iOS. Allison’s setup tutorial:
Chuck: The Padcaster. Interview with the Padcaster folks – MacVoices #13103: NAB – Josh Apter Turns Your iPad Into A Serious Video Tool with The Padcaster.
Steve: Forecast a great interactive weather iOS web app.



March 19, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.03.18 Episode #213

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Katie Floyd - Mac Power Userskatiefloyd.me Twitter

Jeff Gamet – The Mac ObserverTwitter

Chuck JoinerMacVoices, Twitter, App.net

Steve StangerMy About.me page, Twitter

Topics include:

 – Google’s killing of Reader

 – Dropbox buying Mailbox

 – Does Apple need a bigger iPhone


Katie – Dataman Pro

Jeff – IFTTT 

Chuck – CloudPull Free

          – CloudPull Premium

Steve – Clear for iOS and OSX 



January 27, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2013.01.27 Episode #212

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This special Pre-Macworld/iWorld 2013 edition has discussion of the event, the history of some of the MRT panel with the show, and what some of the panelists will be doing at the show. You will hear from:

Chuck Joiner – The MacVoices GroupTwitterApp.net

Katie FloydMac Power Users, twitter

With special virtual appearances by:

John F Braunmacgeekgab.com @johnfbraun @macgeekgab

Jonathan Cost -Thinkmac.net, Twitter – MacTipsDaily

Dave Hamiltonmacobserver.com/ macgeekgab.com/ @davehamilton

Don McAllister – ScreenCastsOnline @donmcallister

Allison Sheridan – NosillaCast at http://podfeet.com @podfeet

David SparksMacSparky, Mac Power Users, twitter



January 3, 2013


Mac Roundtable 2012.10.23 Episode #120

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Mac Roundtable #120

The Panel:

Chuck JoinerThe MacVoices Group, Twitter, App.net

Steve StangerSteveStanger.com, Twitter

Jonathan Cost -Thinkmac.net, Twitter – MacTipsDaily

Some of the topics discussed: Death of Netbooks – Anyone Surprised? Anyone care? BlueStacks – Android Mobile Apps on the Mac, Hackulous shuts down – Piracy on iOS defeated?…and much more.


Steve – Alien Breed – iOS game

Jonathan – iOS Remote controls for TVs, Media controls, etc.
Viera Remote
TiVo Remote
Roku Remote
Apple TV Remote

Chuck – Google app


November 14, 2012


Mac Roundtable 2012.11.14 Episode #119

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This edition features:

Bart BusschotsThe International Mac Podcast, www.bartb.ie (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc. linked from there)

Adam ChristiansonMaccast, Twitter, App.net

Chuck JoinerThe MacVoices Group, Twitter, App.net

Topics covered by the panel include:

 – Windows’ Boss Steven Sinofsky leaving Microsoft

 – Experiences with Android, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface

 – Pixel Density Wars

 – Linux on older Macs

 – Macs recognizing 3 TB hard drives

 – Apple’s changing culture – contribution matching, pet project time and more

 – Black Friday shopping – tech and otherwise

 – The challenges of multiple social media sites


 – Bart: Check The Weather (iOS Universal app) – cleanest and most elegant weather app I’ve yet seen –  (€1.79) ($1.99)

 – Adam: Byword

 – Chuck: dealmacdeal newsdealnews’ Black Friday newsletterBlack Friday App – dealnews.com, Inc.


October 23, 2012


Mac Roundtable 2012.10.23 Episode #118

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Your hosts:
Steve – Steve Stanger, twitter

Katie – Mac Power Users, twitter

David – MacSparky, Mac Power Users, twitter

Jeff – The Mac Observer, twitter

Adam – Maccast, twitter

Topic discussed:
Apple’s October 23 Special Event.

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